North Central District "Crossroads"

May 16, 2018
"Soul Talk"  May 16, 2018 Edition-
- written by: North Central District Rev. Harlan Gillespie


March 1, 2018 - 2017 Fund Balance Report was DUE - - Click HERE for the 2017 Fund Balance Report - Thank you to those who have sent in their Financial Audit Reports. If this has not been taken care of - please do so ASAP!


May 1, 2018 - 2018 Another Set of Eyes was due!

To date (5/16/2018) we have received Another Set of Eyes from: Michael Adedokun, David Arulnathan, Anita Bane, Leila Blackburn, Steve Campbell, Brian Cushman, Fred Darbonne, Debra Devine, Alberta Ervin, Paul Evans, Cynthia Finn, Jeff Flagg, Dawn Freese, Sandi Gobeli, Les Green, Mike Gudka, Steve Hansen, Todd Hartsock, Jen Hibben, Beth Justice, Pat Landers, Rob Lanphere, Carol Myers, Dave Peterson, Julie Poulsen, Steve Ransom, Ward Richards, Dan Rogers, Jill Sanders, Dale Schoening, Sue Simmons, Michael Slininger, Rochelle Swenson, Chris Waddle, and Alaire Willits.

REMINDER:  Another Set of Eyes is yearly evaluation that is a part of each Pastor/Churches file.  It’s helpful information that Cabinet reads and uses during the appointment making process that helps them identify what kind of support a Pastor and/or Church may need. Another Set of Eyes is used to strengthen relationships and developing skills for the sake of Jesus Christ.
If you and/or your SPRC Committee has not completed Another Set of Eyes - Please do so ASAP
Click HERE for the 2018 Another Set of Eyes.
June 9-11,  2018 Annual ConferenceClergy and Laity Sessions on Friday evening, June 8th beginning at 7:00 PM.
 - Annual Conference registration is now closed! Please contact the District Office with any registration questions.
 - Pre-Conference manuals - -  Click HERE to download your copy.
-  Ordering for printed copies has closed.  There will be a limited number of printed copies available for purchase at the Annual  Conference session in June. 
 - Hotel list - it's not too early to book your room - Click HERE to access the list of hotels that the Iowa Annual Conference was given group rates for. 
 - GrandView University Housing Registration - Click HERE
  - Disaster Fill the Truck information and fliers - Click HERE
 - Wellness Activities & Health Screenings information and registration - Click HERE
July 15-17, 2018 Summer Mission u - Learning Together for Transformation of the World - For more information and registration information - Click HERE
October 9-12, 2018 - National Christians Engaged in Faith Formation "Curious Church" Conference - Des Moines Marriott Hotel (700 Grand Ave) Click HERE for more information and to register.
October 13, 2018 - Basic & Advanced Lay Servant Training - Clear Lake UMC - 8 AM-6PM - Click HERE for more information and registration information.
October 19-21, 2018 Fall Mission u - Learning Together for Transformation of the World - For more information and registration information - Click HERE
Creating World Transforming Communities of Faith

People of Constant Prayer

May 16, 2018 - Updated 5/18/2018

As the Holy Spirit surrounded your followers on the day of Pentecost, surround us, O God, with the healing strength of your love. Give us the will to love you and our neighbors as you have commanded. Bring all the nations and ethnicities of the world together with a respect and appreciation of one another. We pray that we, your church, will show up with the strength of the Holy Spirit. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray this and for:

·         Rev. Connie and Randy Thayer (Goldfield UMC). Connie was diagnosed earlier this year with ALS and is hospitalized in Belmond;

·         Judy DePue (Fenton First UMC) on the death of her mother, Dorothy Fast;

·         Seventeen-year-old Jacy McAlexander, his family, and the community of Rockwell City, who  died of cancer on Wednesday, May 16, 2018; and for Rev. Anita Bane and the UMCs of Rockwell City and Jolley UMCs and other members of the community and clergy who support one another with the love of God;

·         Congregations, pastors, and their families who are transitioning appointments;

·         Your holy church, including The United Methodist Church, and our preparations for the Iowa Annual Conference.

·         The planting season in the midst of the “Spring” weather;

·         Those who have experienced upheavals, challenges, and grief in their lives;

·         Those who are celebrating the joy of new life, baptisms, confirmations, graduations, and significant markers along the journey of faith and life;

·         Rev. Don & Cindy Morrison (Eagle Grove UMC) as they celebrate 50 years of marriage on June 7, 2018;

·         Rev. Michael & Shola Adedokun who became US Citizens this last week. 


Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

We apologize, if we have missed anyone. Please contact us with your joys and concerns emailing or calling NCD Administrative Assistant Alanna Warren at, or NCD Superintendent Harlan Gillespie at


Equipping Ourselves and others as Transformational Leaders

Candidacy Retreats Being Again In August
Candidates for ministry in the Iowa Annual Conference will once again have the opportunity to participate in a candidacy retreat  as part of the updated candidacy process. Retreats will be held in August and January annually with the first scheduled for August 10 and 11, 2018 at Pictured Rocks UMC Camp. All candidates who enter the process as of January 1, 2018 will be required to attend though any candidate in process is welcome, regardless of when they began their candidacy journey. The January retreats will be held at Camp Wesley Woods. Click HERE for more information.
Young Preachers Festival
June 27th-28th, at Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, KS
The Festival is designed to: foster a call to ministry, provide networking and support to those discerning and pursuing a call to ministry, provide practical tools and training in sermon preparation and presentation, and provide guidance to hone these skills through the opportunity to give a sermon and receive feedback.  Click HERE for more information.
Des Moines Pastoral Care & Counseling Opportunities
To see a schedule of upcoming trainings and workshops: go to: or call 515-274-4006.
Curious Church - October 9th-12th, in Des Moines
Where curious people engaged in faith formation go to connect, learn, worship, and discover.  Featured speakers include Brian McLaren, John Roberto, Mary Scifres, Bishop Laurie Haller, Bishop Cynthia Ferraro Harvey, and Bishop Tracey Smith Malone.  Check out the details and register, HERE.
Directing Our Resources to Common Goals


Camp Registration is NOW OPEN!

Camp registration for the 2018 season is officially open! Come join us at Lake Okoboji, Pictured Rocks, or Wesley Woods Camp and Retreat Centers for an Adventure of a Lifetime! Registration information can be found at, or by calling the camp registrar at 1-800-765-1651.


United Methodist Volunteers in Mission - North Central District Jurisdictional Upcoming Trainings: CLICK HERE for more information on upcoming trainings and dates.