North Central District Operational Team


Front (left to right): Travis Stevick, Alanna Warren,  & Alberta Ervin
Back (left to right): Kerrin Kirkpatrick, Dr. Michael Blackwell, Jim Lawton, Allen Craft, and Carol Kress


The purpose of the North Central District Operational Team is to engage in the S.L. I process of loving, learning, and leading.

The team hold each other in a covenant relationship as it seeks to be more spiritually grounded and fruitful leaders. Like a shell tossed into a phone, our prayer is to generate ripples that touch the leadership of all district clergy & laity of the United Methodist Church.

The team is currently reading Leadership and Self-Deception  by the Arbinger Institute.

Everyone is invited to read and pray along with us.

"Great leaders have three things: inner light, inner vision, and inner strength." Amit Roy