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VENTURA UMC Missions Funds Grant Application -
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This fund was graciously gifted to the North Central District for the work of Jesus Christ by the faithful people of the Ventura United Methodist in its discontinuance process that was completed by action of the Iowa Annual Conference in 2015.  This fund is intended to be used for mission and ministry in full without the intention that it be invested and restrictions placed upon the corpus. 

The purpose of the fund is to further the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ by providing financial support for those persons and churches of the North Central District of the Iowa Annual Conference.   These funds will be distributed by the NC District Missions Committee and/or the North Central District Connectional Ministries Council upon successful application of the funds by interested individuals, groups, and/or churches of the NC District.

The funds may be used for mission and ministry, including:

  • Mission expenses for mission trips such as supplies, transportation, and meals.
  • Mission participation by individuals and groups.
  • A mission within or outside of the NC District of the IAUMC.
  • A UMC mission and/or ministry.
  • A mission and/or ministry in cooperation with the UMC or a local UMC.


Application for funds will be made to the NC District Missions Committee or the NC District Connectional Ministries Council.  Since mission trips and opportunities can be scheduled at any time throughout the year, it is strongly suggested that application for funds be received no later than four weeks before the mission event.  However, exceptions can be made by the NCD Missions Committee or the NCDCMC.


It is expected that those who receive funding will make a good faith report to the NCD Missions Committee or the NCDCMC and a report in their local churches about the mission/ministry trip/project so that more persons, groups, and local churches will be encouraged to support and participate in the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ.

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