2018-2019 Church/Charge Conference Information

Church/charge conferences will be held on the following dates, locations, and times for the following churches/charges in the listed counties. Please note, at each location, there will be one church/charge conference for all of the churches and charges listed below by county. Prayerfully, we will connect with and be led by the Holy Spirit for loving, learning, and leading. This will be a new thing for us this year; for God is always about doing new things!
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Sunday, September 30, 2018 – 2-4:30 pm
South Church/Charge Conferences hosted at Ames, First UMC
The UMCs of Greene, Boone, and Story counties
Ames Calvary, Ames, Collegiate & Wesley Foundation, Ames, First, Ames, Korean, Boone, First, Boone Marion St., Colo-Collins, Grand Junction, Greenbrier, Huxley, Trinity-Cambridge, Jefferson, First, Loring, Mackey, Maxwell, Napier, Nevada, First, Ogden, Community, Paton, Salem-Churdan, Slater-Sheldahl, Story City, Grace, Zearing, Bethel  
Sunday, October 7, 2018 - 2-4:30 PM
East Church/Charge Conference hosted at Eagle Grove UMC
The UMCs of Wright, Franklin, Hamilton, and Hardin counties
Ackley, Alden, Belmond, Clarion, First, Dows-Alexander, Duncombe-Woolstock, Eagle Grove, Eldora, Geneva, Goldfield, Hampton, Hubbard, Salem, Iowa Falls, First, Morgan-Bradford-Lee Center, Owasa-Gifford, Radcliffe, St. John's-Ellsworth, Rowan, United (UM-UCC), Sheffield, First-West Fork, Stanhope Parish (UM-Disciples), Stratford, Calvary-South Marion, Webster City, Asbury, Webster City, Faith-Kamrar, Williams,  
Sunday, November 4, 2018 – 2-4:30 pm
West Church/Charge Conferences hosted at Our Savior UMC, (Manson)
The UMCs of Humboldt, Webster, and Calhoun Counties
Dayton-Harcourt, Faith (Humboldt, Gilmore City, Rutland, Livermore), Farnhamville, First-Somers, Fort Dodge, Epworth, Fort Dodge, First, Fort Dodge, Trinity, Gowrie, Boxholm-Lehigh-Otho-Pilot Mound, Lake City, Union, Our Savior (Manson), Renwick, Rockwell City-Jolley    
Sunday, November 11, 2018 – 2-4:30 pm
North Church/Charge Conferences hosted at Forest City, UMC
The UMCs of Kossuth, Hancock, Cerro Gordo, Winnebago, and Worth counties
Algona First, Britt,  Buffalo Center-Thompson, Clear Lake, Corwith, Fenton First, Forest City- Crystal Lake, Garner, Kanawha-LuVerne, Klemme-Goodell-Thornton, First, Manly, Bethel-Bolan, Trinity, Mason City, First, Mason City, Wesley-Grace, Northwood-Lake Mills, Asbury, Rockwell-Swaledale, Swea City, First-Titonka


*Charges crossing county lines of different areas. The charge and pastor will need to decide which location to attend, either or both of the area gatherings depending upon their ministry settings.* 


If you have any questions, please contact the District Office - Alanna Warren alanna.warren@iaumc.org or call (515) 832-2784.